My husband is treating me TOO well!!

Drama free husband rant:
He is constantly bringing me ice cream, candy, sweets, etc and every time I work late he makes dinner and it's always fried or greasy (delicious but so bad!).
When I tell him I need to be healthy he says I'm pregnant so it's ok to indulge...and I agree but not 24/7! He tells me I can gain as much weight as I want, which grosses me out! I DO NOT want to get fat!
He serves me food in my recliner and tells me to stay out of the heat and take naps inside. He's taken on doing almost all of the chores around the house too. I'm feeling worthless and bored!

I haven't gained too much weight yet and I'm trying hard to keep everything balanced even with his spoiling.
I guess we could have worse problems, he's not cheating on me or telling me he doesn't love our baby or some other drama!

He's great but he's going to turn me into a toad!
By: BabyBumpUser
Member since Mar 26, 2012
Posted: on May 30, 2012
ahahaha, my hubby is the exact same! such sweethearts. I just eat healthy during the day then whatever he makes for dinner. I haven't gained weight.

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