at home test/remedies to find out what sex your baby might be.

my grandma stuck a fork and a spoon in a book and told me to pick one , i picked the fork , she told me i was having a boy ,don't know for sure yet but grannys never wrong! any of you guys have weird/cute at home predictions like this? lol
please share your stories
By: BabyBumpUser
Member since Apr 30, 2011
Posted: on May 08, 2011
aw , i want a girl so hopefully a fork means a girl for me too , haha . thank youuu .
By: BabyBumpUser
Member since May 08, 2011
Posted: on May 10, 2011
I just picked a spoon, I'll update as soon as I know. I currently have 6 boys and 2 girls. From ages 24 years to 13 months, due with number 9 on 1/12/12, the last one!

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