Like mommy bottle
By: BabyBumpUser
Member since Mar 10, 2014
Posted: on Oct 20, 2015
By: BabyBumpUser
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Posted: on Nov 12, 2015
I do need one bottle, I am going to breastfeed exclusively however I need a bottle for my partner to feed once or twice as he wants too and this one has the best reviews online! Might get it
By: BabyBumpUser
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Posted: on Jan 22, 2016
Haven't tried them but I heard they leak a lot. I'm considering the comotomo bottles.
By: BabyBumpUser
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Posted: on Jan 28, 2016
^ I used como tomo with my last baby. Super easy to clean and don't leak. We plan to get some to use this time also.
By: BabyBumpUser
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Posted: on Feb 02, 2016
Another vote for comotomo. I used the same bottles for first baby and this baby, and still going strong. Never leaked, super easy to clean. Did have to get replacement nipples since my first kid macerated them when she was older, but replacements are easy to come by on Amazon.
By: BabyBumpUser
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Posted: on Aug 08, 2016
I love the look, how ever they leak a lot. After trying these I bought como tomo ones and I love them
By: BabyBumpUser
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Posted: on Feb 10, 2018
Maybe you bought the second flow ones my dd loved them it was the closest to breast. But again i have my nipples pierced so my flow is pretty fast lmao (tmi sorry)
By: BabyBumpUser
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Posted: on Mar 11, 2018
Tried this with my daughter 4 years ago. She didn't take it. But then again she didn't take any bottles.

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