Will laxatives make u go into labor?

Will laxatives make u go into labor? I took two dulcolax last night cuz I thought they was stool softeners:( I didn't know dulcolax made both!
I'm 37 weeks and I didn't know if I should watch for labor?
By: jamesmichael2011
Member since Oct 27, 2011
Posted: on Nov 08, 2011
probably not a good idea to use to start labor cuz you might be pooping really runny everytime you push
By: Amybyrd
Member since Mar 26, 2011
Posted: on Nov 08, 2011
Sorry I didn't mean to start labor. I took it cuz I was constipated :/
By: KaitKindly
Member since May 19, 2011
Posted: on Nov 08, 2011
I have to use Dulcolax and I am 36 weeks...nothing else besides Milk of Magnesia helps my constipation. I was told they can make your uterus contract while your intestines also contract in response, but if drinking plenty of water, it should be okay.
By: amanda04
Member since May 10, 2011
Posted: on Nov 08, 2011
They sometimes can bc they can cause your bowels to contract which can cause your uterus to contract and start labor, but if your body isn't ready then it prob will only do what's it's intended for which is to make you go potty. I'm sure your fine tho if nothing has happened yet. I had a friend who took them to start labor and took quit a few and they wouldn't even let her push for 30 mins bc she wouldn't stop pooping! Lol, yuck
By: siennasmommy11
Member since Feb 07, 2011
Posted: on Nov 08, 2011
My dr recommended taking those if I were to be constipated. In my opinion its not gonna put you in labor lol

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