enlarged kidneys?? any comments wud b greatfully appreciated.

Hey lovely ladies.
I had my 20w scan on wednesday. We found out we are having a baby girl!!!
Im excited beyond words, I was kinda hoping for a daughter
Everthing seemed fine and measures fine. But then another sonographer came in at end and said he needed to take a look. He says babys kidneys are retaining fluid and enlarged! I had no idea what this meant. He said we will do another ultrasound in 6 weeks and he will report it to my doctor. He did say "I wouldn't lose sleep ovr it"
However. I'm still worried silly right now. It kinda took away my excitement
So of course I got home and researched everything I could online abt it. Many sites say it is a soft marker for downs??!! my NT scan came back great as well as all my bloood work. So I don't kno if I shud b worried. I'm 26. First baby. No history of defects in either mine or OH family. I'm just super worried sick! PLS does anyone have any experience or kno anything abt this?? I've really been struggling to find answers from anyone plus online says WAY more common in boys. So why does my baby girl seem to have an issue?? Pls help! ??
Thanku for reading
By: Epiphany54
Member since Dec 05, 2010
Posted: on Mar 11, 2011
Try not to worry too much. I had some kidney issues/concerns at my 20 wk scan but mine was sort if the opposite - they couldn't see the kidneys on the u/s. Freaked me out.
My dr then started to tell me about the common kidney things and mentioned that enlarged kidneys are one of the most common things that most of the time fix themselves before the baby is even born and cause no problems in the future.
For my situation they said it was the baby's position and I'll get another u/s at 28 weeks. It's a waiting game isn't it!? Try not to use Dr. Google... I did and got really freaked out. I'm trying to keep positive for my little guy because chances are - things are fine!
By: kapriss_sun
Member since Nov 22, 2010
Posted: on Mar 11, 2011
I'm in the same situation with mild, bilateral dilation (pyelectasis) found on my boy's 20 week u/s. We have a follow-up u/s at 33 weeks (2 more weeks to go). The key words are "more common" in boys- not that it is doesn't happen in girls. Yes, it's a soft marker but a very controversial one. My bloodwork also came back great and I still worried when I heard. On it's own, the risk of DS is still low and an amnio is not recommended. I have since read about many positive outcomes. Try to limit your Internet searches or you will make yourself sick with worry like I did. I do recommend a google search of "babycrowd pyelectasis" for a forum for parents going thru the same thing, tho. Many of the posts are positive. Best wishes!
By: rhondell
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Posted: on Mar 11, 2011
Please don't worry. We had the same thing happen with one if our twins at their 20 week scan (also had 1/5 for downs as well as several markers). Her kidneys were still enlarged 2 weeks later but then cleared up about a week after that.
The docs said that there are common kidney probs that show up that actually are quite common and go away eventually.
Will send prayers your way for peace though so that you don't continue to worry.
Good luck!
By: caseylin
Member since Dec 01, 2010
Posted: on Mar 11, 2011
Awww. Thanku so much everyone. I am trying to stay positive and not worry. It is indeed a waiting game... And it's so hard to remain calm sometimes!!! I will pray for all of u as well. And am glad it turned out fine for some of u as well. I'm gonna b positive and hope for the best
By: teenyno3
Member since Jan 21, 2011
Posted: on Mar 12, 2011
My second baby had this also. His unfortunately did not resolve in utero, so he was on antibiotics for two years, with testing every year. Thankfully he did not end up needing any surgeries, and at two years it is resolved and he is no longer having to be followed by a specialist. He does not have down's. I work in pediatrics and we see this all the time in both sexes. Most kids will grow out of it. Try not to worry!
By: caseylin
Member since Dec 01, 2010
Posted: on Mar 15, 2011
Thanks for the recommendation on the baby crowd forum. I have been reading it and it has calmed my nerves. I have a OB appt tomorrow for my monthly checkup and will talk to her abt what she thinks ab my situation and go from there. It's sill kinda hard for me not to worry. And I'm trying not to think the worst. Thanks again.

By: jessyb
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Posted: on Mar 17, 2011
Don't worry! My 6 month old has the same, is currently on antibiotics has scans every few months but it is shrinking to normal size. I panicked at first but it's all precaution really. He's a happy baby so I'm not that worried x
By: elegantvagabond
Member since Feb 06, 2011
Posted: on Mar 17, 2011
Kidney problems are scary but small or no kidneys & low amniotic fluid are worrisome! Being enlarged doesn't sound too scary. May just become something you need to monitor once baby is born.

Hope all is well & ask your dr LOTS of questions! Don't hold back! Write things down so you don't forget. Good luck!!

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