Does your baby push?

I'm 38 weeks and my baby likes to push against the inside of my stomach. It feels as if she's trying to burst through my skin! My stomach is so tight that the pressure actually hurts. I know it's not Braxton hicks because it's a different feeling. Just wondering if anyone elses baby does this. I'm scared she is too big and running out of room!
By: agarratt85
Member since May 16, 2010
Posted: on Aug 06, 2010
I'm only 31+2 and my baby is doing the same thing! It feels like he is trying to push his way out of my stomach!
By: oreo1
Member since May 30, 2010
Posted: on Aug 06, 2010
I'm 33 and I feel the same way. It hurts. Not pleasant at all!
By: jazzysmom
Member since Apr 06, 2010
Posted: on Aug 06, 2010
I am 38/6 and my lo does this to me all the time. It's amazing how powerful our lil monsters are lol.
By: ilikepie20
Member since Apr 15, 2010
Posted: on Aug 06, 2010
Ha, I'm only 22 weeks and my baby does this. It's SO weird, I can't imagine what it would feel like when she's a full-size baby! Ouch!
By: lisa3
Member since Apr 07, 2010
Posted: on Aug 06, 2010
I'm 31 wks and feel it to. One day i felt a thump on both sides at the sametime. Now it feels like she's pushing more it doesn't hurt but very uncomfortable.
By: tickledblue
Member since May 17, 2010
Posted: on Aug 06, 2010
39 weeks tomorrow and yes he does! It is burning he does it so hard. It generally his butt and his foot he takes turns with pushing. My stomach almost feels bruised it hurts so bad.
By: faithweber
Member since May 29, 2010
Posted: on Aug 06, 2010
I'm 36 weeks and my baby does that all the time! It hurts do bad. He pushes his back or butt out and then his foot pokes out on the side at the same time. I think he's trying to bust outa my tummy.... Lol
By: jelliott
Member since May 01, 2010
Posted: on Aug 06, 2010
39 weeks Sunday and actually just got a whole new round of stretch marks around my belly button. She seems to want to stick her butt/back straight out-my stomach shape is so funny with all her parts sticking out.
By: pooh1ofakind
Member since Apr 25, 2010
Posted: on Aug 07, 2010
My baby pushes alot too. I am 35 weeks. I feel Luke my baby doesn't have room because I am small but growing and everything like I should. And yeah it hurts sometime. Unjust rub my hand over the spot where my baby is pushing and it just sinks back in.

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