sperm with no tails???

so my friend and i are ttc (w/our DHs) she for 5 years, me 1 year. im waiting for af to show so i can start my 1st and hopefully only cycle of clomid. she on the other hand was told her husbands swimmers have no tails. sge was also told there was no chance of conceiving with her husband. not even with ivf. is thus true?
By: tiff123
Member since Jan 25, 2011
Posted: on Jan 26, 2011
I think you can do IVF with ICSI, in which they inject the sperm into the egg. Costs more but it can work.
By: in.it.to.win.it
Member since Jan 22, 2011
Posted: on Jan 26, 2011
could they use her husbands sperm?
By: stbmommykate
Member since Oct 01, 2010
Posted: on Jan 27, 2011
They should be able to because the lab injects the sperm in the egg. But it depends on why they have no tails as to whether it would be successful I imagine

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