Is it safe to go to school to be a nail technician while pregnant?

I haven't had a chance to sit down and talk with my doctor yet, but I wanna know if anyone can relate to this post.
I was planning on going to school to be a nail technician but found out I am pregnant, I am now almost 11 weeks and am wondering if it will still be safe to go to school if I wear a mask for the fumes or something? Has anyone talked to their doctor about this recently?
By: flumflum
Member since Jun 16, 2011
Posted: on Jul 14, 2012
I see woman pregnant and doing nails in the salon they just wear a mask
By: lyshiaMarie
Member since Apr 25, 2011
Posted: on Jul 14, 2012
Well I got my nails one the whole tome I was pregnant, I would sit by the window and wear a mask, I'm sure if u wore a mask and were in a well ventilated area it wouldn't matter at all! Do what u feel comfortable with if your a
Having a hard time breathing to fumes are really strong baby feels that too! And wearing gloves can be a good idea to avoid touching chemicals directly
By: kbailey12707
Member since Jul 14, 2012
Posted: on Jul 14, 2012
I wouldn't think it would be an issue seeing how girls get their nails done while pregnant.. But then again that's only once or twice a month ur around the chemicals.. So I would def where a mask... But if ur taking the whole cos class.. Hair too.. Def wait bc the bleaches are not good for u let alone ur baby
By: jefsp20
Member since May 12, 2012
Posted: on Jul 15, 2012
maybe after your first trimester it will be a better idea after you past the MC period
By: Giggles22
Member since Nov 30, 2011
Posted: on Jul 18, 2012
I think you be fine my sister went to hair school while pregnant she did 7 month now she is finish up her 4 months now her baby was healthy
By: ahystad
Member since Jun 07, 2012
Posted: on Jul 18, 2012
Thanks everyone I asked my dr in Monday and she cleared it as safe but she told me if I'm worried just to wear gloves and a mask but she said its more unhealthy to wear them pregnant than to do them.

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