my dog follows me everywhere!!

My dog, well newly my dog- he is my DF's 4yr old black lab, follows me everywhere since i've been preggo. if im in the bathroom, he sits outside the door. if i move rooms, hes right behind me. @ first i thought how cute bc my son & i just moved in with my DF in mid Sept, & i thought the dog was comn around to liking me. now im convinced its bc im pregnant & he feels the need to protect me!! i like it bc my DF works @ a group home & is gone monday morn-wed night then thursday lunch-fri night, so me & my 5 yr old r home alone a LOT!!! i like the protection :) neone else with cool pets that sense ur pregnancy
By: mommajenny
Member since Aug 13, 2011
Posted: on Dec 19, 2011
My cat brings me toys in the middle of the night... I looked it up and it's her giving me gifts... Also her and my cat always have to be on my lap... Laying next to me is not a option!
By: Rcam12501
Member since Aug 14, 2011
Posted: on Dec 19, 2011
Our older dog has always been slightly protective since we got him because my husband is in the military & gone a lot more than he is home. But now that I'm pregnant, both of the dogs follow me no matter where I'm going, I can hear them cry when I leave the house & they have an attachment to sleeping next to me even if it's just for a nap! I absolutely love them & can't imagine not having them around, especially when my husband is gone!
By: stephuhknee5
Member since Aug 31, 2011
Posted: on Dec 19, 2011
Yes! My dog follows me EVERYWHERE! I love it!
By: Paigeru
Member since Aug 02, 2011
Posted: on Dec 20, 2011
Awe we have a 9 year old female black lab. Love her with all my heart. She has to be in the same room & she follows me into the bathroom, sits & stares at me. If I shut the door she'll put her nose by the door & floor & it sounds like Darth Vaider (sp) is right outside. Shes always smells my tummy too. ALWAYS. I'm starting to wonder if I drop food on myself. Lol she has also become more aware of where she is stepping. Usually she just barrel rolls over top of everything. Now when around me, like when im in bed she walks around me or "military crawls" so cute!
By: jeni_o
Member since Aug 07, 2011
Posted: on Dec 20, 2011
My German Shepherd does the same thing. He's protective by nature but when I'm pregnant (this is #2!!) he ramps it up a few notches...especially when DH isn't home. He never lets me out of his sight! And I love DD and I feel so safe :-).
By: Toby
Member since Jun 02, 2010
Posted: on Dec 20, 2011
My dogs have always followed me every where I go. Even if my bf & daughter are up & playing, the dogs will be with me. They sniff my stomach & my breasts more often when I'm pregnant. It is funny! Our cats don't seem to notice:)
By: LiiNAbAbEy
Member since Sep 15, 2011
Posted: on Dec 20, 2011
I have a german shepherd and border collie mix! This dog is my everything. She'll be 2 in july. She has always been protective. She hates guys even more now lol she wont let any guy come near me except for my boyfriend lol its so cute! She always has followed me around though, even to the bathroom lol
By: ablouir
Member since Sep 19, 2011
Posted: on Dec 20, 2011
my dog follows me and gets very mean to strangers when I'm by myself. its nice knowing I have a little extra body guard. he is a lab too. they are the best.
By: mistyh
Member since Aug 30, 2011
Posted: on Dec 20, 2011
I have 2 boxers... One is a big dummy and does her own thing but my older one stalks me every time I close a door she scratches at it till I open it. If I'm in the bathroom having a bath or shower she lays on the bath mat and watches me I love it she's my best buddy
By: Bjartzy
Member since Jun 05, 2011
Posted: on Dec 21, 2011
I have 3 weimaraners, yes they are a handful! They all follow me around, the youngest is glued to my hip it seems. And when I sit on the couch they come over and rest their heads on my belly. So cute. They've been the babies for the past 5-7 years so its going to be a fun adjustment when the new baby arrives!
By: gekkospain
Member since Aug 20, 2011
Posted: on Dec 21, 2011
Ur all so lucky. I moved in with my hubby 5 wks after we were married (long story) and the mil n their male boxer. The dog is spoiled, dominant n jealous. I have challenged him Caesar Millan style n he hates me for it. He not only jumps at me but will growl and bark at me if I try n sit down in the sitting room and also snaps at me when my back is turned. If I throw him out the house he barks constantly (2+ hrs)if he doesn't have his bark collar on or whines n yowls if he does. Mil rewards his behaviour by letting him back in the house as soon as my back is turned. I am so fed up n frustrated by her lack of cooperation with him, even tho she has had problems with him herself she still persists in rewarding his bad behaviour.

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