Empty Sac High HCG 5w4d?

Had my first Appt on Wed. I was supposed to be 5w4d as LMP was 4/30. One gestational sac with nothing in it, but measuring about 6 weeks. HCG levels high at 41,000 indicating 6 weeks as well.
Could I have ovulated a week after my period? Weird. And nothing in the sac yet, which wouldn't make sense if I was in my 6th week.
I go back Monday for a repeat ultrasound and to get the results of my second hcg check from Friday.

By: bekahgt
Member since Dec 18, 2010
Posted: on Jun 11, 2011
I sure hope it's not a blighted ovum. That's when the sac and everything grows but the baby does not. It's what I had. hoping for better news for you.
By: Yeehaw10
Member since Jun 11, 2011
Posted: on Jun 11, 2011
Hope it's just too early and the lil booger shows up next week!
By: ladykate1980
Member since May 26, 2011
Posted: on Jun 11, 2011
Yeah, I hope it's not a blighted ovum or a molar pregnancy but I guess I will find out on Monday. It just sends up red flags that I'm measuring bigger, my hcg levels are higher, but there is nothing in the gestational sac.
I do have a tilted uterus though so I'm hoping maybe that's why we couldn't see anything yet.
Another part of me wonders if it could be identical twins which would explain why I am measuring bigger and higher hcg and would explain why we didn't see anything yet....but I am not on fertility meds, have not eaten yams in years ha ha, and twins don't run in our family.
Just going to try and prepare myself for bad news I suppose. We had a loss at 36 weeks, 6 weeks, and 23 weeks all in the past year and a half...this may well be our last attempt...no pressure! Lol! :)
By: KimSlaton
Member since May 31, 2011
Posted: on Jun 11, 2011
The same exact thing happened to me this week!! I had an ultrasound Tuesday and saw an empty sac, so they did bloodwork. My levels were good. I went in an did another ultrasound only 3 days later and got a heartbeat (98 bpm) and could see the teeny tiny spec of a baby. It's crazy what a few days difference can do. Good luck to you!
By: ladykate1980
Member since May 26, 2011
Posted: on Jun 11, 2011
Thank you KimSlaton! That is reassuring. :)
Congrats on your lil beating heart!! Yay!!
By: northeastmam
Member since Jan 16, 2011
Posted: on Jun 11, 2011
The doc said I was measuring 6 weeks, but all they could see was the yolk sac, she didn't seem concerned. I'm going back a week on tues for an update. Don't stress about it, chances are everything is fine!
By: Becca_Boo
Member since Apr 29, 2011
Posted: on Jun 11, 2011
Its really hard to see the baby until 7wks. If your hcg levels match the dates youre fine :)
By: Pukechunkprincess
Member since Jun 06, 2011
Posted: on Jun 11, 2011
My cousin got pregnant with twins. Had thee same thing. She appeared to be 8 weeks and was only 4. Waited it out a few weeks, two heartbeats, two sacs. 2 weeks makes a huge difference

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