pedia care dosage for 2 month old?

bottle doesn't say :-( she is 9lbs14oz and 2 mo. how much do u give? im scared to do baby tylenol cuz of recalls
By: chelsealenay
Member since Apr 10, 2011
Posted: on Mar 05, 2012
Ask pediatrician
By: Jessica06
Member since May 27, 2011
Posted: on Mar 06, 2012
By: nira01
Member since Sep 25, 2011
Posted: on Mar 06, 2012
I was wondering too cuz it just says 5 ml
By: kimbo918
Member since Aug 05, 2011
Posted: on Mar 06, 2012
I bought some tonight they didnt have tylenol on the shelf at all. So I was curious to see posts about people using tylenol but someone said the recall was for the bottle, not the actual medicine

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