Peeing on himself

I know all little boys wee on themselves but my lo does huge wee everytime I change his nappy! Sometimes I catch it with tissues or flannel but other times it is so much it ends up going everywhere! ( this is a real pain in the middle of the night). Do they ever stop doing this?!?
By: diem1685
Member since May 24, 2011
Posted: on Oct 06, 2011
Hahaha. I love it. I'm sure they stop eventually, but my little man still does it almost every time at 3 months old.
By: WhattaRyot
Member since Feb 06, 2011
Posted: on Oct 06, 2011
if it was to cold in the house then my son would pee everywhere, once that cold air hits his wee wee its all over.. try a wipey warmer.... also i know this is going to sound weird but when ur changing his diper and he looks hard he's about to pee... i always put my hand on his diper before i change it and if its warm i wait a couple minutes cuz he seems to pee in spurts instead of one long stream lol again i know it sounds weird
By: zayababy
Member since Sep 08, 2011
Posted: on Oct 06, 2011
What helped me is open the diaper so the air hits him then put it back on for a minute then change him
By: mrs.o
Member since Jan 01, 2011
Posted: on Oct 07, 2011
We have pee pee teepees! It looks exactly as it sounds.
I've tried to use them but my son is only 4 weeks and his penis is too small for them, they fall off.
I've heard that they work well!
By: misz..julie
Member since Apr 13, 2011
Posted: on Oct 07, 2011
my sons have nwever done that.. they are 2 and 6 weeks
By: jennymama
Member since Dec 27, 2010
Posted: on Oct 07, 2011
They do stop - I can't remember when. I have 2 boys, but they are 4 and 6 now. This time I have a little girl and she sometimes pees when I change her, but not as much and ofcourse it doesn't spray!

With my boys a kept a cloth diaper or wash cloth, and I covered then with it when I changed them. Also after the first week or two, I did not change diapers at night, unless they were poopy.
By: clover713
Member since May 17, 2011
Posted: on Oct 07, 2011
My little girl pees on herself! It's harder to see to because it doesn't go up in the air. Usually by the time I see it, she's soaked her clothes and changing pad.

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