biracial baby pics

just curious if anyone can post baby pics of biracial babies.....I'm mexican and my boyfriend is black...cant wait. to see what my baby will look like..
By: first_timer
Member since Apr 12, 2011
Posted: on Apr 12, 2011
Im black and the father is white so i just Google newborn mixed children to try to imagine what they will look like.
By: kirsty13
Member since Feb 13, 2011
Posted: on Apr 12, 2011
Hi beth my first born is Chinese/ Australian/ Irish. He looks more Australian than anything. It all depends on who's genes are stronger. I remember when he was born he was very dark and had the most jet black hair although now his is kinda pale with mousey brown hair. I hope this helps.
By: jenniferRaposa
Member since Mar 28, 2011
Posted: on Apr 12, 2011
Hey Beth
I'm black & my bf is white also
google is your best bet to find biracial photos ,
By: littledallas
Member since Sep 27, 2010
Posted: on Apr 13, 2011
There is no telling. It's just like with every other baby. You don't know if he/she will favor mom or dad more? Or both equally.
By: sunni14
Member since Apr 08, 2011
Posted: on Apr 18, 2011
Really cute! My sister has a best friend who's daughter is black and Mexican. She's 6 months and the cutest thing ever!!! She has Caramel/Mocha skin, plump lips and cute dark curly hair!
By: Lala2212
Member since Apr 05, 2011
Posted: on Apr 18, 2011
My baby will be Irish Swedish native American black portuguese italian and German & I can't wait to see what he/she will look like!
By: Firsttimemommy2b22
Member since Apr 17, 2011
Posted: on Apr 19, 2011
My baby will be black/mexican too. I wanta know what its goin to look like to.
By: lourdes2154
Member since Nov 21, 2010
Posted: on Apr 22, 2011
My daughters are 4 months old (I'm black and Native American and my fiance is Spanish/Italian/Black)
So far, my girls are pretty fair-skinned, with jet-black curls, eyes were blue at birth, but are turning a blue-ish grey. My fiances eyes are strangely a deep green so maybe my twins will have the same?
By: Mrs.iLuvMykids
Member since Mar 30, 2011
Posted: on Apr 23, 2011
Im puerto rican & my husband is liberian (African)... My daughter has a head full of hair (curly & soft), she has perfectly full lips, she a nice tan complection. Its weird b/c she looks just like her dad but has the spanish hair & complection. If i could post a pic, i would, not to brag but shes more beautiful than i couldve imagined. I had the same thoughts of what shed look like being shes biracial.
By: NotSure13
Member since Apr 09, 2011
Posted: on Apr 24, 2011
Omg... I have never thought of googling pictures lol my baby is going to be mixed black and white the fathers black and I'm white and I'm excited.
By: mommyto1npregnant
Member since Apr 28, 2011
Posted: on May 13, 2011
my son is mixed black Hispanic and white bd blk n hispanic im white some think my son is full hispanic. other people who see him know hea mixed but never know with what lol
By: cakesy17
Member since May 13, 2011
Posted: on May 13, 2011
i can't wait for my baby girl gets here! her father is german and filipino and i am african american. we like to call her our chocolate teriyaki baby. :)
By: 3rdtimemom82
Member since Apr 26, 2011
Posted: on May 17, 2011
How do we post pics on here? I'm blk and my daughters father is Dominican and she is gorgeous!!!
By: lara2010
Member since Apr 26, 2011
Posted: on May 18, 2011

I am white and my bf is black so I can't wait to see how our twins will look
By: FirstTimeMommy242
Member since May 19, 2011
Posted: on May 24, 2011
I'm white (irish n polish) n my babys father is full dominican...I'm so excited to see what my lil dino is gonna end up looking like!
By: momofmany5
Member since May 19, 2011
Posted: on May 25, 2011
I'm black and my husband is Hispanic baby boys came out light with curly hair and baby girls came out light with hair almost exactly like dads
By: soon2be2
Member since Jun 10, 2011
Posted: on Jun 12, 2011
I'm white and my bd is black. my daughter came out darker than most all black babies lol. she is 9 months now and has the most beautiful brown skin color and huge amber-brown eyes and lots of soft, black, curly hair with brown in it. I wish I knew how to post a pic.
By: latinmama
Member since May 30, 2011
Posted: on Jun 15, 2011
I love this post! I thought I was the only one that wonders about that. I'm Mexican and my husband is Irish. I'm olive skinned, have black hair, and dark brown eyes. My hubby has green eyes, auburn hair, and is light skinned. I wonder what our baby will look like!
By: amberlin775
Member since Mar 28, 2011
Posted: on Jun 16, 2011
i dont know how to post pics on here either but if u give me ur email ill send u a pic of my 2 yr old white/black/ an indian from india and my husband is black...i look puertorican though lol
By: latinmama
Member since May 30, 2011
Posted: on Jun 20, 2011
Theres a new group called Rainbow Kids for mixed-race/ethnicities babies. Check it out!
By: MiahsMommy2011
Member since Jun 20, 2011
Posted: on Jun 22, 2011
My friend is black and her fiance is mexican and their baby is sooo beautiful! Almost perfect brown skin, big brown eyes and the most cutest soft black curly hair!(: im white/native and my baby daddy is full mexican. He already has a son and he looks pure white like his mama
By: amberlin775
Member since Mar 28, 2011
Posted: on Jun 22, 2011
well my husband is black and im white/african/indian from son is in the middle of our color husband is brown skin and im YELLOW!! son also has beautiful long curly hair that is dark brown an big brown eyes like his daddy...hes gorgeous...everyone thinks he is a little girl, even when they see him wearing boy clothes
By: kljacku4
Member since May 04, 2011
Posted: on Jun 24, 2011
I'm blk my bf is mex but his son is mixed with blk but I know other kids that are mix with the same but they look different then my baby
By: DejiaofOrlando
Member since Mar 19, 2011
Posted: on Jun 28, 2011
Black Irish & HAPPY. I'm black (dark skin) sons father is Irish (light white skin) I PANICKED my whole pregnancy I spent hours researching what may baby may possibly look like. I was worried because his grandfather is a REDHEAD. I didn't want a redhead ;)
My baby came out looking Asian!!! Silky straight black hair Asian white tan colored skin. He now looks " mixed B& W" He is gorgeous he been featured in 2 magazines and was 2nd cutest baby contest winner in Orlando.
By: Sika
Member since Jun 04, 2011
Posted: on Jun 28, 2011
I am black, my husband is Black/Irish. My son came out very light skinned like his father with straight sandy brown hair, he stayed that way until he was about 10 or 11 months.

Now at 1 1/2 years old, he is between a mocha and caramel complexion and has really tight curly hair. He now looks like me, instead of his dad. Definitely didn't see this coming, but he's even more gorgeous then he was as an infant.

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