Britax b-ready with bassinet vs. Uppababy vista

I'm completely torn between the two. I really like the uppababy and the fact that I can buy a bassinet stand and use it in the home. Although, the britax has many of the same features for less.

Any thought or reviews?
By: neveaux_a
Member since Jun 14, 2011
Posted: on Aug 04, 2011
The Britax B-Ready is on my list. I don't know a lot of details for the Uppa Baby but I've heard good things. Check out the Hauck Malibu, it comes with a bassinet and bassinet stand for inside the home.
By: preggers
Member since Jun 27, 2010
Posted: on Aug 04, 2011
If you can afford it, definitely go with the uppa baby vs b ready. Do check out the baby jogger city select tho. I think I choose that one over the uppa baby & I believe it's not as expensive
By: kapriss_sun
Member since Nov 22, 2010
Posted: on Aug 04, 2011
I have the UppaBaby Vista and like it a lot. But I was ghetto and did not buy a bassinet stand- I simply rolled the stroller with the bassinet up beside our bed! LOL! My son slept next to me for 2 months like that, allowing me to roll the stroller back and forth to rock him, put diapers and wipes in the basket underneath so I didn't have to stumble around the room at night, and wheel him out to the living room or kitchen if he was still sleeping. He can no longer fit in it. I believe the stand is pricey so unless it isn't an issue, don't spend your money on something you'll only use for 2-3 months.
By: hay_baby
Member since Nov 06, 2010
Posted: on Aug 04, 2011
I bought the Britax B-ready with the bassinet and I love it! A few concerns, the base is a little heavy and you do need both hands to collapse it. The bassinet is a little big and not meant to be used as a transport by itself (I always do though). I used to bring the whole stroller into the bedroom like the pp, now I just keep the bassinet on the floor so I can look down into it... So far so good!
As a stroller it is so easy to manouver even off road! If you can wait the free bassinet promo is supposed to start again in Sept.
By: agenyc
Member since May 26, 2011
Posted: on Aug 07, 2011
My best friend had the Uppa Baby for her first baby and loooved it, loved the basinnet (organic) but she sold it when #2 was coming because she didn't like the Uppa in doubles mode ( the jump seat does not recline at all for her 2 yr old), and she liked the Britax much better, both seats recline. I know it is hard to think ahead, but if you want to have more babies soon it is worth considering.

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