32 weeks and baby has IUGR

Hi new on here ... So my first daughter is now four but had alot of medical problems starting at 26 weeks. She had SVT hydrops which is very rare and they have no clue what caused it . She had alot of problems till a year old and they all just disappeared . Which they said hers would ! She is a totally normal 4 year old but ne ways I'm
Now 32 weeks with my second little girl and have been watched very closely by the specialist and he has been concerned shes small for the last few months and yesterday I had an ultra sound and her head hadn't changed since 6 weeks before and shes very small for my weeks . They said her circulation is not to good and so shes getting lack of oxygen to the brain and shes protecting it. So they did tests and she PASSED so that was good ! So she's in there till next tuesday for sure . I now have check ups once a week and its kinda play it by how it goes each appointment ! I'm
Just wondering if theres any moms out there have been threw this ? Any advise and experiences of what u are going threw .
By: mamysam
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Posted: on Mar 26, 2011
First, Congrats on making it to 32 weeks! That is excellent! My first daughter was born at 29 weeks, but was severely IUGR, approximately the size of a 24 weeker. I am very familiar with your statements of how she is protecting her brain, etc.! But bc she was older, she did very well. She stayed in the NICU essentially to grow. This time they are watching me like a hawk and will potentially deliver me anytime after 32 weeks bc at that point babies have a very high success rate in the NICU and usually just need growth time. My daughter seemed a bit disproportionate when she was born, bc as you said, she was pushing nutrients and oxygen to her lungs and brain, but that changed quickly and she evened out in no time. She had some developmental delays, but since you are already 32 weeks, that might not come into play as much She is now 10 years old, extremely healthy and happy. It sounds like your doctor is really on top of the situation, which is awesome. Just hang in there. It will be ok!! They are tough little ones! Good luck!
By: MelissaMommy081012
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Posted: on Mar 27, 2011
I was followed for IUGR with my daughter from 18 weeks on. She thankfully made it to 37 & 6. They induced me at 37 & 5(took 36 hours). She is healthy at almost 4 months old though small (11 lbs & 22 1/4 inches).

Good Luck to you and your little one
By: lauraheartslouis
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Posted: on Mar 30, 2011
Both my babies had iugr!! Louis was born at 37 weeks 4lb 13oz ariella was born at 36weeks 4lb 10oz!! Louis 1 and doing very well, but is smaller than average but meeting all his milestones!! Ariella is almost 5months, again smaller than average but she has down syndrome which impacts on milestones ect but doing very well also!!
By: crysak907
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Posted: on Mar 30, 2011
Thank you so much for the info ladies ! Its so nice having someone else that has been threw it And hear there experiences ! I love our doctor but they always have worst case situations and its nice to have some positive stories . My little girl passed all her test yesterday and got another week for sure so we are excited to get every day we can . But she's in 5 percentile so they said until 3 they have some hope she will do better than some . So just a question were ne of your guys babies breech for a while because they were smaller or head down . Lil miss Ella is frank breech and doesn't seem to wanna do otherwise ! Which I hope she does because I would love to try vaginally and not csection if possible but my doctor seems pretty set on c section . So we will see !! Thanks again and I'll keep ya updated
By: lissa776
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Posted: on Mar 31, 2011
DD was breach until sometime between 37-38 weeks. Totally thought I would have a Csection but flipped eventually
By: lauraheartslouis
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Posted: on Apr 02, 2011
Both mine were head down!! And both fully engaged at delivery!! Ariella was head down from 20weeks!! But I had emergency with 1st (he was very distressed but unconnected to size) and section with 2nd for safe delivery, which was good choice because she got distressed whilst they tried to give me epidural!! But both mine had cord problems!!

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